Basco-Lighthouse-BatanesBatanes is an island province located at the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is also the smallest province of the country in terms of land area and population. Because of that fact, most tourist called it “slice of heaven” because of its size and especially the thing that makes everyone feels like heaven.

According to a blogger, Alona Palomique “Batanes is a slice of heaven! The views are breathtaking- picturesque lighthouses, cattle grazing on dramatic cliffs, waves smashing on natural rock formations, ruins of stone houses and scenes from daily village life “.

Batanes is also noticeable for its zero crime rate. Violent crime is rarely heard. Aside from that fact, Batanes is rich in natural resources lead by it’s 3 main Island, the Sabtang, Batan and Itbayat. As it is an island province, the beaches of it won’t be out of the line, the white beaches like Di-Atay with its multi-colored rocks is ideal for picnic. Tired of swimming and wandering on beaches? You can also do caving at Chawa Cave and trekking at Marlboro Country and Naidi Hills. On the spiritual side, you can visit the San Jose Church and San Carlos Borromeo Church.

Your Batanes experience will not be completed if you will not learn its history and experience how the people dressed and lived through their Stone-houses. Now, what are you waiting for? Experience and taste the “Slice of Heaven”, Batanes.

Written by: Gary Ibay

Photo courtesy of: English Channel

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