CEBU “Truly Royalty”

Magellan's CrossCebu is found in the center of the Visayan Island Group and a major regional hub. Cebu is recognized as Philippines’ oldest city and is known for it’s laid-back vibe and it’s rich resources.

Want to escape from the chaos and fast pacing of a major city like Manila, Tokyo, New York?? Well take a trip back into humility and simplicity in Cebu! Experience “white sand” beaches, pristine sapphire like waters, festivals and even take the chance to return or enter the realm of religious practices. All these and more once you enter the grand “Queen City of the South” known as Cebu.

Some sites to visit are the following: Basilica Del Santo Nino, Cebu Taoist Temple, Mactan, Museo Sugbo, Malapscua Island, Jose R. Gullas Hallad Museum, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Jumalon Museum, Butterfly Sanctuary, and Art Gallery, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Sinulog Festival, Crocolandia Foundation, Camotes Islands, Nalusuan, Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Prescador Island, Malacanang sa Sugbo, Bagacay Point Lighthouse, Lake Danao, Cebu City Sports Complex, Victory Christian Fellowship – yet these are only just SOME of the many places to VISIT IN CEBU!

Let your mind wander for a second “kapatid”, relax, breathe, take 3 deep breaths, and once you find yourself at peace then continue…

True, Cebu is found in the Philippines and we all want to experience different things. I mean who wouldn’t wanna taste the sweet sensation of Spain, amazing vibes of the Bahamas, and many more places such as Singapore and even the USA?

You’re probably thinking now “Wait! Why did we leave the Philippines? Why in the world are you trying to talk to me about other countries?”

Well, that’s because that’s the truth, everyone wants to experience something that they’ve never tried, especially visit places they’ve never been to before, and Cebu gives you that chance!

When you look and truly venture out in this amazing province, you find many places that simply give out the feeling of “Wait a minute, this was here in the Philippines? But I feel like I’m in a completely different place”! Many places in Cebu truly make you feel as though you’ve entered and even are taking the chance to experience what being in a different country is like. That’s just one of the main things that make Cebu a destination worth taking a journey in!

Kapatid? What are you doing? There’s a whole world out there and all you need to do is take a chance, let Cebu be either a simple step or a grand experience to a new you! A you that will soon venture out and take life as an adventure!

Mabuhay Philippines! Mabuhay Cebu! Mahalin natin ang isat-isa…mga Kapatid!”

Written by: Micco Hiro Dacanay

Photo courtesy of: Marilou M. Bais

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