Rate: 1 person:    Php 9,500.00 Group of 2:  Php 5,500.00 per person Group of 3:  Php 4,250.00 per person Group of 4:  Php 3,600.00 per person Group of 5:  Php 3,430.00 per person Inclusions: > Roundtrip transfers (Angeles-Capas-Angeles) > 4×4 Wheel  > Entrance Fees > Local Tour Guide > Set of lunch > Botolan’s […]


Have you ever thought of adding life to your years combined with adding years to your life? If you are like many, the answer is “Yes,” because you have many things you want to continue doing, and perhaps find activities and contributions you still desire to make. What is living cell therapy and what does […]

CEBU “Truly Royalty”

Cebu is found in the center of the Visayan Island Group and a major regional hub. Cebu is recognized as Philippines’ oldest city and is known for it’s laid-back vibe and it’s rich resources. Want to escape from the chaos and fast pacing of a major city like Manila, Tokyo, New York?? Well take a […]

Bohol Overcoming the Odds!

Bohol is known as the City of Peace and Friendship. It is an island province located at the southern part of the Visayas island chain and is known for not only a very unique species of primate but also for a trademark that is known world -wide as a UNESCO world heritage site. Even after […]


Batanes is an island province located at the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is also the smallest province of the country in terms of land area and population. Because of that fact, most tourist called it “slice of heaven” because of its size and especially the thing that makes everyone feels like heaven. According […]